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Urine Protein

How is the urine tested for microalbuminuria/proteinuria?

You will be asked to give a urine sample. Your doctor will decide if the sample can be a random sample provided at your doctor's office or needs to be a sample collected over a certain time frame (such as over 4 hours, overnight, or for 24 hours). In either case, you will be given a container and instructions for properly collecting a urine sample. The sample will then be tested to determine the amounts of protein or albumin in it. Your doctor may also order a blood test to check for other signs of kidney damage (to look for the presence of waste products that would normally be removed from the blood if the kidneys are functioning properly).

What does the test result mean?

Urine Protein

Protein in the urine is a warning sign. It may indicate kidney damage or disease or it may be a transient elevation due to an infection, medication, vigorous exercise, or emotional or physical stress. In some people, it may be present during the day and absent at night when the person is lying down (orthostatic proteinuria). In pregnant women, elevated urine protein levels can be associated with preeclampsia.

When kidney damage is present, the amount of protein present is generally associated with the severity of damage, and increasing amounts of protein over time indicate increasing damage and decreasing kidney function.

How to eliminate proteinuria?

In the clinic, some certain medicines like steroids, ACEI, etc are commonly used to control proteinuria to a certain degree. However, some cases may not respond to these medicines well, such as FSGS. If protein in urine is caused by kidney damage, repairing the kidney damage and recovering kidney function are the most efficient ways. If the kidney function can be recovered, dialysis will be avoided. How about your proteinuria control? If you have any follow-up questions, you are welcomed to consult online expert freely; or leave us a message below; or send us an email to, we are here to help.

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