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CKD Treatment

In addition to steroid therapy, dialysis and kidney transplant, there are still some other treatment options for your condition and they are likely to reverse your condition.

Kidney disease is a condition which can affect many organs and systems of your body. Thereby, it is hard to use a single way to treat the damaged kidneys well. A systemic treatment which can control the root cause--kidney damage, and alleviate the symptoms and complications, will be necessary.

The first step of CKD Treatment to staunch the disease and prevent any worsening of kidney function is to treat underlying Kidney Damage. To control the root cause, Traditional Chinese Medicine is the first choice, because it can help repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function naturally. The TCM experts may recommend one or more of the following treatments for CKD.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Medicated Bath



The former 4 treatments all belongs to traditional Chinese medicine, however, each of them is used in different ways. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is especially suggested for it is designed for Kidney Disease in particular. It is used in external ways which avoids the bitter taste of oral herbal juice. If you have interest, you can get the Get Personalized Herbs List from TCM Professor.

Immunotherapy is a developments which is based on both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Advanced Western Medicine. It works to rebuild a new immune system and use the new immune system to fight against the kidney disease. It is designed for patients whose CKD is caused by autoimmune disease, such as Lupus, Diabetes, Purpura etc.

The second step of CKD treatment is to control the symptoms and complications in patients. In certain cases, the complications may disturb patient life more than kidney damage its self. The western medicine treatment is advanced in controlling the symptoms and complicatons. Your doctor may suggest the following ways to alleviate CKD symptoms and complications.


Steroid Therapy

Blood Purification

Blood Pollution Therapy

Blood purification is a systemic treatments which get 6 techniques to remove the waste products from the blood. It is far more effective than dialysis. Dialysis only works to remove the small sized toxins in blood, such as creatinine and BUN etc. However, in patients with Kidney Failure, experts says there are more than 90 kinds of wastes can be found. Blood Purication recommends different techniques based on the kinds of waste products in patients, which include Hemodialysis, Hemoperfusion, Hemofiltration, Plasma Exchange, Immune Adsorption and CRRT.

Blood Pollution Therapy is a combined therapy of TCM and Western Medicine, which aims at cleaning the damaged blood and prevent other organs are damaged. It is a effective way to control the symptoms and complications in a short time. Whether you are a condidate of blood pollution therapy? You can get an exact evaluation on your CKD from our experts group. Make an Appointiment with Expert Group now!

There is another common treatment for CKD, namely:

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is common throughout the world, but the problem is that the need of donated kidneys is far higher than its supply. Thereby, it is important for patients to find alternative treatments. Another problem is that the reoccurence of CKD after kidney transplant. The untreated primary disease is an usual cause for the reoccurence and in this condition, immunotherapy is alway be recommended.

A systemic treatment plan usually shows a promising future for CKD patients. If you still depend on only one or two treatments, you are suggested to get a personalized systemic treatment from your doctor or you can email your medical conditions to And we are glad to find you a treatment plan for you within 48 hours.

CKD Treatment

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