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When Would I Need Dialysis If I Have Creatinine 4.28 And GFR 11

As we know, if patients kidney function is too low, they will need dialysis to prolong their lifetime. For patient with GFR 11 and creatinine level 4.28, his condition is already very severe, and when would patient need dialysis with these...

Is Banana Good for Patients with High Creatinine

Banana is a popular fruit around the world, which has delicious taste and lovely color. While for patients with high creatinine, there are many aspects should be considered in their diet. As a result, for patients with high creatinine who l...

Should You Increase Protein Intake with Raised Creatinine Level

Creatinine is a significant standard to assess patients kidney function, and when patients have high creatinine, it usually means patients have severe kidney damage. As we know, protein is an important nutrient for our body health, and the...

What Specific Diet Should I Have with GFR 42 And High Creatinine

For patients with kidney disease, GFR and creatinine are two major standards to assess patients kidney function. Besides, patients with kidney disease should be careful in their diet, because that can influence patients health condition obv...

Should I Be Worried about Creatinine Level 1.4 in PKD

Polycystic Kidney Disease means lots of kidney cysts will grow in patients kidneys, and they will damage patients kidney structure gradually, and patients kidney function will be reduced in this process. On the other hand, creatinine level...

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy For FSGS With Creatinine 4.8

For patients with Focal Segmental Glomerulus Sclerosis (FSGS), the nephrons in their kidney will be damaged gradually, which can cause them to have high creatinine. Well then, if FSGS patients have high creatinine level 4.8, is there any tr...

What Foods Should Be Avoided If Creatinine Level Is High

Creatinine is toxic to our body, and it is also an important substance to assess patients kidney function, and high creatinine in patients with kidney disease often means their kidney function is severely damaged. As we know, diet is import...

How to Treat The High Creatinine with Stage 3 CKD

High creatinine refers to the creatinine level in patients with CKD was higher than in normal.In general,the normal level of creatinine is 44-133μmol/L....

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