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A Patient with CKD stage 5 Says Goodbye to Dialysis

In many countries, dialysis and kidney transplant are the only two choices for patients with CKD stage 5. But dialysis is unable to treat any kinds of kidney diseases, which is a fact. Also some patients have to bear the side effects of dia...

I Reversed My Stage 3 CKD and Nephrotic Syndrome Here

Name: MALEX Gender: Male Age: 33 Country: Holland Disease Description: Nephrotic Syndrome, Stage 3 CKD Before I came to China for treatment, that three years was my hardest time. Though I am only 33 years of age, I had already suffered from...

Chinese Medicine Avoided My Second Kidney Transplant

Name: Buyan Gender: Female Age: 54 Country: Mongolia Disease Description: Stage 5 CKD I was very lucky that I could came to China for the new treatment. Here I just hope my case could tell the distance is not a matter as long as you have th...

Chinese Medicine Changed An Old Man’s Life

Hi, my name is Brennan John,and I am from America. I am 83 years of age, and you can not imagine how much sufferings caused by my CKD stage 4 I have to bear. But I have to say I am a lucky old man, a trip to China changes my life. Why does...

An Unforgettable Trip to China for A PKD Patient from Israel

Name: PFAU EITAN Age: 52 Gender: Male Country: Israel Disease Description: CKD Stage 4, Polycystic Kidney Disease Why does he come to China for treatment ? The last seven years for me are just like a nightmare. I was diagnosed as having mul...

How A CKD Stage 4 Patient from Malaysia Avoided Dialysis Effectively in China

Name: Rudy Age: 37 Gender: Male Country: Malaysia Disease Description: CKD stage 4, High blood pressure I went to hospital for a checkup because of my swollen legs 15 months ago. At that time, I needed to go to bathroom many times at night....

A CKD Stage 5 Patient from Nigeria Came to China for Treatment

Name : Joseph Okah Gender : Male Age : 46 Country : Nigeria Condition : CKD stage 5 Admission time : March 31, 2013 Discharge time : May 10, 2013 Five years ago, I went to a local hospital because of my headaches and dizziness. The result s...

Walter Lea, IgA Nephropathy, CKD stage 4, America

Name : Walter Lea Gender : Male Country : America Condition Description : IgA Nephropathy, CKD stage 4, renal anemia Before coming to China Back to two years, I went to see a doctor for anemia which made me feel tired all day long. However,...

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