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Kidney Failure with GFR 21: How to Manage Complications

It is really a thorny thing for advanced patients with Kidney Failure to Manage Complications while engage in easing various symptoms simultaneously. Then what particularly should they do with GFR 21 ? As a matter of fact, GFR 21 is more th...

Increased Smell and Taste of Ammonia Due to Kidney Failure

Are you too embarrassed to mention the Increased Smell and Taste of Ammonia in your mouth which smells like chemical fertilizer or urine? When daily greetings turn out to be torment with Kidney Failure , it is time for you to make a differe...

What Are The Herbal Medicine for Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure is one of the refractory protracted CKD which has long been the thorny issue for patients to deal with. However, what are the medicable Herbal Medicine for Kidney Failure ? As we all know, healthy kidneys play a part in maint...

Signs of Kidney Failure in Women

Recent years, there are numerous media reports about renal damage which draws increasing attention. It is not hard to find that Women between 30~50 are the main risk populations. Then since when does Kidney Failure come into play? As a matt...

Can Kidney Failure Occur Suddenly

As for those who suffer from long-term CKD, it seems that most of them suddenly turn out to be patients with Kidney Failure from perfectly healthy persons. However, is that really the case? As previous mentioned, most patients feel their bo...

Correct Treatment of Kidney Failure with Creatinine 8 and Vomiting

My brother has Kidney Failure not on dialysis. His creatinine level was 3 one year ago, but now it rises to 8. He also suffers from vomiting problem. Please suggest on the correct treatment. Thanks a lot....

Kidney Failure with Creatinine 3.1 and BUN 80 Avoid Dialysis

A 60 year old lady newly diagnosed with Kidney Failure. Not diabetic not hypertensive. She has creatinine 3.1 and BUN 80. What are the best treatment options to help her avoid dialysis?...

Kidney Failure and Creatinine 700: How to Get Rid of Dialysis

I am currently on Dialysis two times per week due to Kidney Failure. My last creatinine count was 700. I don't want to be on dialysis forever, how to get rid of the treatment? Thanks....

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