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What Diet Should I Take with Treatment of Dialysis

I want to know about diet I should take, like fluids and stable food. I am a dialysis patient due to my Kidney Failure. Could you give me the answer? ...

What Food Can Be Eaten by People on Dialysis

What food can be eaten by people on dialysis? This is one of concerned questions for Kidney Failure patients who are on kidney dialysis. Because the improper diet not only worsens their illness condition, but also brings some troubles for t...

What Vegetables You Can Eat While on Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis can help the failed kidneys remove extra water and waste products from your blood by running it through a filter. It can partially replace the functions of the kidneys. However, what can eat and what cannot eat may be a confusi...

What Kind of Milk Can Dialysis Patients Drink in the Morning

Many people are used to drink a glass of milk in the morning due to its sweet taste and abundant nutrients. However, for dialysis patients, can they have milk intake as the healthy people? And what kind of milk can dialysis patients drink in...

Can Someone in Dialysis Drink Coffee

Can someone in dialysis drink coffee? We all know that dialysis patients should be cautious when they choose some foods and beverages. Nowadays, more and more people prefer drinking a cup of coffee as a stimulation in the morning or night....

Is Milk Thistle Beneficial for Kidney Failure Patients

Milk thistle is a herbal supplement that detoxifies and protects vital liver functions and more. Is it beneficial for kidney failure patients? Yes or no? Lets have a look at the effects of milk thistle on patients with Kidney Failure. This...

Available Edible Oils for Patients with Kidney Failure

It is no doubt that all kidney failure patients are required to have strict restriction on their daily diet so that the illness condition can get well controlled. Edible oil is a necessary part when we are cooking. Well then, which kind of...

Is Flaxseed Beneficial for Kidney Failure Patients

Flaxseed is a hard, tiny seeds of Linum usitatissimum and it has thought to have abundant nutrients for our body. However, is it still beneficial for kidney failure patients? To be frank, kidney failure patients can get numerous benefits fr...

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