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Can Kidney Disease Patients Drink Wheat Grass Juice

It is a common sense that all kidney disease patients should have a strict requirement on daily diet. Recently, one patient visited our website and ask us a question: can kidney disease patients drink wheat grass juice? Here we will explain...

Is Coriander Good for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Chronic kidney disease patients always face the problem: what can I eat or not? Because due to kidney damage, they should have a friendly-renal diet to prevent further damage. Well then, is coriander good for them?...

Can Kidney Disease People Eat Cashews

Can kidney disease people eat cashews? Do you know about the cashew nuts? If you or your loved one happen to be a kidney disease patient, you should have a well understanding of nutrition of this nut. Cashews look like kidney shaped or bean...

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Eat Chickpeas

Chickpeas, namely garbanzos have a delicious nutlike taste and a texture that is beauty. It belongs to high nutritional pulse which are rich in plant protein, amino acid, vitamins and fiber and so on. It is indeed popular among people, whil...

Is Beet Juice Good For Kidney Disease Patients

Kidney disease patients should be cautious when they choose some foods and drinks so as to control their illness condition. However, is beet juice good for them? If you are interested in this topic, please read on. Beet juice is made by org...

Is Coconut Water Good for My Kidneys

I am just looking for the info about “is coconut water good for my kidneys?” By the way, I am a stage 3 chronic kidney disease patient. For my question, could you tell me the answer?...

Diet for Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

A healthy diet can make great difference to the treatment of stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD). Then, if you are diagnosed with stage 3 CKD, what should you pay attention to? Now, this article will give you an answer....

Can a Kidney Disease Patient Eat Dates and Peaches

Patients are usually suggested to limit the intake of foods high in protein, potassium and phosphorus. While, can a kidney patient eat dates and peaches?...

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