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What Is Life Expectancy of Kidney Transplant

Many patients mistakenly believe that they may no longer suffer from abnormal life after kidney transplant which can solve renal problems once and for all. However, their Life Expectancy of Kidney Transplant is still limited, which even sho...

End Stage Renal Disease Life Expectancy

How to promote End Stage Renal Disease Life Expectancy is an appallingly severe issue for patients in this period and their beloved ones, which may be influenced by varying factors. However, those factors can be seized to make a difference...

How to Improve Kidney Filtration Naturally

As we all know, Kidney Disease is divided into 5 different stages according to GFR, which indicates the crucial effect of kidney filtration. Then how to Improve Kidney Filtration Naturally? (Consult live doctor instantly for your current si...

How to Postpone Dialysis with Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease is refractory protracted illness which is caused by long-term Kidney Disease. Nevertheless, how to Postpone Dialysis becomes a question when condition worsens with time and disease course. As we all know, dialysis is...

Pros and Cons of Dialysis

Dialysis plays the role as artificial kidneys when kidneys are too insufficient to eliminate excess metabolite out of body. However, it is a controversial method which has many Pros and Cons. As we all know, kidneys have various functions w...

How to Improve Kidney Function in Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a group of complicated symptom complex with accelerated factors, which may worsen renal damage and promote disease course more easily. Then how to Improve Kidney Function timely and effectively? As its name indicates,...

Stage 5 Renal Failure Life Expectancy

How to prolong Stage 5 Renal Failure Life Expectancy is a worrisome problem that patients urgently want to solve, which is accompanied with various symptoms and complications of multiple organs and systems. Stage 5 Renal Failure, which indi...

A New Treatment for CKD Patients to Avoid Dialysis and Kidney Transplant: Immunotherapy

It seems that dialysis and kidney transplant will become the only two choices for CKD patients when condition develop to ESRD. However, the appearance of a new treatment for CKD patients called Immunotherapy changes it. Your CKD is caused b...

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