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CKD Symptoms

What kinds of symptoms are you suffering from? Now follow us to find the causes of your symptoms and the best treatment to relieve them.

In the early stage, the symptoms of CKD may be similar as other illness, which makes patients misunderstand their mild symptoms as "no symptoms". As the CKD stages develops into advanced stages, the symptoms will be obvious and differ from person to person.

According to NHANES, experts say that:

- less than 5% of persons having symptoms of kidney disease in stages 1 or 2 (mild disease) reported being aware of having chronic kidney disease (CKD);

- of those with CKD stage 3 (moderate disease), awareness was only about 7.5%;

- for stage 4 (severe disease), awareness was still only less than half (about 40%).

Each symptom has its unique associations with CKD and require unique management to maintain a better health condition. Based on this view, our experts conclude the detailed info about CKD symptoms. Click the following symptoms and you will find the overview of them.

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