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If CKD stage 4 can not be controlled well, it will develop into stage 5. While the time it needs various from unit to unit. Then how about your condition? Take the following quiz to see how long it takes from CKD stage 4 to stage 5.

How Long It Takes from CKD stage 4 to Stage 5?

CKD Stage 4 is the second most adavanced stage of kidney disease, which closely borders with imminent Kidney Failure. Without a good control, it can develop into stage 5 quickly, when endless dialysis or Kidney Transplant maybe the only choice for you. How long it takes from Stage 4 to stage 5? It varies from person to person. To get the final answer, your doctor need to make an evaluation on your CKD Stage 4. If you want to get your personalized answer now, you can Take Our Quiz Below. We are glad to send you a reply within 48 hours via email or phone. Please keep your email or phone available.

How Long It Takes from CKD stage 4 to Stage 5?

1.What is Your Creatinine
0.5-1.2mg/dl 1.2-2.0mg/dl 2.0-4.0mg/dl 4.0-5.0mg/dl Above 5.0mg/dl No idea
2.How Old Are You
Under 18 18-30 30-45 45-60 over 60 years old
3.How Many Kidney Functions Do You Have
< 10% 11%~20% 21%~35%
4.Can Your Current Treatment Control Well Your CKD
No it cannot Yes it can
5.What Is Your Haemoglobin B Level
less than 6g/l 6-9g/l more than 6-9g/l
6.What is Your Kidney Size
< 6cm 6-8cm 8-12cm not sure
7.How to Send You the Results?

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