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For some patients, kidney transplant can be the only choice; for some other patients, it is not. And urine output can become a big advantage to avoid kidney transplant. Take the quiz to see whether kidney transplant is the only choice for you.

Is Kidney Transplant the Only Choice for You?

Kidney transplant is not only the choice for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease anymore. There are many available treatments which can be used as the alternative options, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, Immunotherapy etc.

However, not everyone is a candidate for these alternative treatments. Are you a candicate for alternative treatment to kidney transplant? You can Take Our Quiz below and get a personalized analysis from our experts. We will try to give you a reply via email or phone within 48 hours. Please, make sure your email or phone available.

Is Kidney Transplant the Only Choice for You?

1.Have You Done HLA Matching:
No not yet yes I have
2.What is Your Kidney Size:
less than 6cm 6-8cm 8-12cm not sure
3.Can You Afford the Cost of Kidney Transplant:
No I cannot Yes I can
4.Do You Think You Still Have the Chance to Take Conservative Treatment:
Yes No Not Sure
5.How Old Are You:
Under 18 18-30 30-45 45-60 over 60 years old
6.How Many Kidney Functions Do You Have:
less than 10% 11%~20% 21%~35% more than 35%
7.Do You Have the Following Complications:
Anemia High Blood Pressure High Blood Sugar High Creatinine Level Others
8.How to Send You the Results?

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