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Take our quiz to see how long you can live with CKD, meanwhile, some other free medical advices from experts can be given.

How Long Can You Live With CKD?

CKD has already become the 4th leading cause of death after Cardia-cerebrovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes. How long can you live with CKD? It was reported that when your GFR-- a test to tell how well your kidneys work, is less than 10, kidney disease will threaten your life.

A study conducted in USA may give you a rough answer based on your GFR level. The studay says that about 85% of CKD patients GFR decreases yearly at the level from 0~12.6ml/min and the average level is 4ml/min. In details:

How Long Can You Live With CKD

Online GFR Calculator helps you test your GFR level. If you find you GFR level, it is easy to measure out how long it takes that your GFR decreases by the level that threatens your life.

However, how long you can live with CKD depends on many factors, such as your age, gender, symptoms, complications, and treatments you choose etc. If you want an exact answer about your lifespan with CKD, you can Take Our Quiz Below. Remember to check your email or keep your phone available. We will try to give you a reply within 48 hours, after our analysis for your condition.

How Long Can You Live With CKD?

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