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A low-protein diet is usually recommended for kidney disease patients. The intake of protein varies from case to case. Take our quiz now to see how much protein you can take a day.

How much protein you can take per day?

CKD patients are always suggested to take a low protein diet. How much protein you can take per day, actually depends on your own conditions, such as your Protein Loss, your kidney functions, age, gender, weight etc. Generally speaking, due to the different CKD stages, experts give a rough suggestions about the protein intake amount as follows.

How much protein you can take per day

For example, for a 60kg patient with CKD stage3, his targeted protein amount intake is 0.6gX60=36g. However, this is just a rough calculator. If you need the personal targeted protein amount, your doctors will make an full evaluation about your age, gender, weight, Protein in Urine, CKD Stage, GFR as the below quiz referred. If you wanna know your targeted protein intake amount and a personalized protein diet management, you can Take Our Quiz Below and we will send you a reply within 2 business days.

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