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To What Extent Can PKD Be Treated?

1. To what degree can polycystic kidney disease be treated?

the answer is: It can make you permanently stay in a benign diseased of survival state!

Polycystic kidney disease are multiple cystic lesions in the kidneys after human body with genetic defects affected by toxins in the body. Inherent renal cells are damaged if pressed. The clinical symptoms include urinary protein, hematuria, and hypertension.

Although the genetic defect cannot be changed, the disease will not develop to the stage that affects the intrinsic cells of the kidney through early and effective treatment. And the possibility of recovery of your polycystic kidney will be great.。

Why there is Polycystic Kidney Disease?

Because of the human body with genetic defects, and because of various bad living habits, the internal and external toxins are accumulated in the human body, exceeding the body's anti-inflammatory capacity

The anti-inflammatory and inflammatory balance of human cells are constantly shifting towards inflammation side. Renal tubular epithelial cells undergo phenotypic conversion, abnormal proliferation, and blockage of the renal tubules under repeated stimulation of infection and/or injury, and then transdifferentiate into a cyst lining.

The cells secrete a large amount of cyst fluid, causing the cysts to become larger, compress the injured kidney's inherent cells, and the red blood cells and plasma proteins leak into the urine, forming hematuria and proteinuria, and there are clinical manifestations such as edema, hypertension, and decreased renal function. Polycystic kidney disease occurred.

TCM believes that polycystic kidney disease is caused by innate kidney qi deficiency, hot and humid evils invade the kidney complex, and does not cope with it. It develops to a deep-to-heavy state. It produces wet toxin and heat toxin, further blocking blood qi, producing scorpion venom, and damp heat. Concomitantly toxic, damaging kidney meridians, thus proteinuria, hematuria,hypertension and other clinical symptoms appeares.

2. why it can't be cured?

The reasons for not being able to cure are the following three:

(1) The diagnosis is not clear: Including the site of cyst damage to the kidney, the type of inherent cells, and the types of active lesions and inactive lesions in the polycystic kidney, as well as glomerular function or judgment of renal tubule function. The cyst's comprehensive assessment of the degree of renal damage is very important.

The treatment is not standardized: Because of the current clinical treatment of Western medicine, hemostasis, blood pressure, and improvement of microcirculation of the kidneys are mostly used. There are also some attempts to inhibit the proliferation of cyst-lining cells, but the effect is not certain. There is no treatment for abnormal expression of renal cysts and cytokines. Treating the symptoms not the disease, leading to long-term low efficency treatment of polycystic kidney disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly used in the treatment of soft-hardened knots. It does not go deep into the kidneys, clearing the dampness and heat in the kidneys. Poisoning remains, and the ability of the body to clear itself from qi and blood cannot be restored and the condition is treated without curing the disease.

(3) Failure to prevent recurrence : The initial treatment of the disease is of great importance to both doctors and patients. Many patients often neglect the prevention of relapse which make them suffered a lot of loss. But many patients have treatment very well at the beginning. All the indicators are improving. However, due to the work of prevention of relapses is not done well, once there catch a cold, fatigue, waist or abdomen is affected by external forces, or suddenly interrupted treatment and other external causes, the disease will always relapse.

3. how to cure the disease?

As long as we can do these things well, we can turn proteinuria and hematuria to negative and relieve the cyst's oppression of the kidney's inherent cells.

4. How do we do in our hospital?

We mainly use TCM detoxification therapy to treat Polycystic Kidney Disease, and use treatment of dispelling toxins, dissolving toxins and detoxification to achieve the goal of fast response, no harm and no relapse. Its therapeutic features are removing toxins from the body and regulating abnormal cytokine expression.

Treatment process is as follows:

Firstly, tonifying Qi and dispelling toxins. Mainly use traditional Chinese medicine of qi and blood to stop bleeding, discharge the collateral network of phlegm, so that cysts become soft, reduce pressure, control the disease is no longer progress. That is, the use the TCM detoxification therapy to promote the expression of anti-inflammatory cytokines, relieves the inflammatory state of cells, and control the disease no longer deteriorates.

Secondly, removing damp and disollving toxins. Mainly use traditional Chinese medicine with heat releasing gas poisoning effect to go deep in the kidney meridians to remove hot and humid poison, so that the blood in the urine, urine foam and other symptoms can be eased. That is, using TCM poisoning therapy to restore balance between anti-inflammatory cytokines and proinflammatory cytokines, change the cell microenvironment, regulate the expression of abnormal cytokines, and tune the urinary protein negative.

Thirdly, eliminate deviate and discharging toxins. Mainly to remove the imbalance between yin and yang, or tonifying Yin and eliminate deviate, so that to restore the body's blood self-cleaning ability, and reduce recurrence. The main purpose is to use TCM detoxification therapy to relieve the stress state of the human body, improve the body's immune function, restore the self-healing ability of the body's cell detoxification, and stabilize the condition, and prevent recurrence.

This characteristics of this therapy is no kidney damage, fast effect and less relapse.

Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment

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