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May 20th Patient Revisit In Bangladesh

Our Patient Revisit plan is still going on. On May 20th, our hospital will set out for Bangladesh for a week of academic exchange and medical consultation of discharged patients. We make the following ...[Read More]

Oman Patient Reduces High Creatinine Level 1166 With No Dialysis

Recently a patient from Oman comes to our hospital for high creatinine level 1166umol/L. His creatinine level is reduced with no dialysis. He is very happy with a good improvement of his condition. Nam...[Read More]

A Letter Of Thanks From A Husband to Our Kidney Hospital

This is A Letter Of Thanks that a husband wrote for his wife who suffers from kidney failure. They come to our hospital for treatment and finally his wife gets rid of dialysis successful. Lets read abo...[Read More]

High Creatinine Level 13.11 In FSGS Is Reduced To 3.3

It is out of your expectation that high creatinine level 13.11mg/dL in a FSGS patient is reduced to 3.3mg/dL. But it really comes true in our hospital. Follow us to see the details. This patient is Jer...[Read More]

Our Beijing Kidney Disease Hospital Is Offically Opened On June 1

Two days before, ambassadors from 13 countries took part in our Spring Outing activity in our Tongshantang Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Beijing. The ambassadors give us a high evaluation. Tongshantang...[Read More]

How To Make Uremia Be Under Control

This article gives you a patient story in which the uremia patient make her disease be under control. Lets read the details. Her name is Olita and comes from Africa. She has been on dialysis for one an...[Read More]

A Small Action Between A Little Boy And The Doctor

This little boy gives his boiled corn to the doctor. He says repeatedly Uncle eats....... During lunch time, I say to my baby that Hi, my good baby, let mom eat your boiled corn. He does agree. When th...[Read More]

Control This Complication-Uremia Patients Can Gain Life Hope

When Mr Ma comes to our hospital, his condition has been in uremia stage. He is just 28 years old but he has severe hypertension and the high blood pressure has damaged his kidneys. One year ago, he wa...[Read More]

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    ckd treatment story

    On October 1st, we hold a big party in order to celebrate our National Day with our patients and their families who come from different countries. In Shijiazhuan...Read This Story

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