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My Treatment Experience Of Diabetic Nephropathy In China

My Treatment Experience Of Diabetic Nephropathy In ChinaI am Victor and comes from Philippines. Though I have taken a long time of treatment for my Diabetic Nephropathy, my condition keeps deteriorating. However, in China, my condition is controlled well.

I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2004 due to symptoms of polydipsia, polyphagia and polyuria. At that time, I refused medication recommendation from doctor and just followed a proper diet.

In 2005, I took tests again to review my condition. The result was not good. There was protein 2+ and serum creatinine level 246.4umol/L. I was diagnosed with Diabetic Nephropathy, chronic kidney failure. i took ramipril medicine but the effect was not good. I stopped the medicines without the doctor’s permission.

In 2010, my creatinine level elevated to 475umol/L and kidneys began to shrink. I had no ideas about kidney disease and the doctor also did not explain me the details. I still did not take any treatment.

In March, 2014, due to dizziness, i came back to hospital for tests. My blood pressure had reached to 180/100mmHg and serum creatinine level increased to 572umol/L. At this time, I had to take hemodialysis twice a week and took amlodipine tablets. After several months of treatment, I found there was no change to my condition. I knew I should look for other ways.

Through Internet, I found this hospital-Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I decided to have a try of Chinese medicine treatments.

When I just arrived at this hospital, my creatinine level was 859umol/L, ESRD stage. Doctor Lu explained my condition carefully. First was my condition delayed for a long time. I found my kidney damage 10 years ago but I had no normal treatment. What’s more, although I took treatment in recent months, it was just kidney dialysis and common medicines to control my symptoms like high blood pressure, which had no improvement for my renal function. This is the reason why my condition developed to uremia stage.

The key treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy should repair injured kidney tissues and improve renal function.

The doctor first gave me blood purification to relieve my serious symptoms like electrolyte disorder. After my condition gets stable, they gave me Toxin-Removing Treatment to recover renal function. This therapy can promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, open blocked collaterals and meridians. Chinese medicines not only improve blood circulation and increase more oxygen to relieve renal ischemia-anoxia state, but also provide nutrients to stimulate the kidney recovery.

After 10 days of treatment, I felt much better. My dizziness, high blood pressure and anemia was obvious relieved.


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