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An African Boy Took Treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

An African Boy Took Treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine There is news in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: a sixteen years old boy called Zakaria come from Kenya, African admitted in our hospital. In 2009 years, he began to suffer from swelling on the whole body. And in India’s hospital, there is nothing to find in the test, and doctor also give no effective treatment.

He lived with the symptoms for 2 years and in 2011 years, his illness condition became more serious. His family members sought the local doctors’ help again, but the doctor recommended Kidney Transplant to him.

Both he and his family do not have more better methods. Therefore, his father donated one kidney to him. After one years, Zakaria did not recover his healthy totally. Although he took large amounts of anti-rejection medicines, his physical condition became more and more weak.

The unfortunate but not strange is that his creatinine level elevated to over 300 in a review examination. Aside from feeling helpless, he could only admitted in hospital. What’s worse, the illness condition got no improvement. On the contrary, his creatinine level kept increasing.

His relatives are worried about his life, and his cousin looked for the effective treatment for him. One day, his cousin searched our hospital info on the Internet and contact our online doctors. Under the cooperation of both sides, his parents and he came to our hospital, but now, he has lost the ability of walking due to the pains of kidney disease.

When he admitted in our hospital, his urine volume has only 300ml. After the examination, our doctor found a big lump in her belly and the whole body also was swelling. He also suffered from pleural effusion and pericardial effusion. The final diagnosis is Kidney Failure after kidney transplant.

After seven days’ treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicines Omsotherapy, swelling on his body had been relieved, hydrops in organs also disappeared, urine volume also reached to 1800ml. After one month, his physical condition got obvious improvement. What’s more, in order to strength his body, our doctor arranged a bike to him. Seeing the good therapeutic effects here, he said, if I come to China early, maybe I can avoid kidney transplantation.

Facing the condition, it is a pity for us, but fortunately, it is not too late. If you or your be beloved one  is suffering from kidney disease, you might as well try our treatment. We do sincerely hope all kidney disease patients can recover health as early as possible. So, any questions, please be free to contact us: or leave a message below directly. 


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