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Does Nephrotic Syndrome Lead to Impotency

Does Nephrotic Syndrome lead to Impotency? The question not only be concerned by patients themselves, but also their partners. I am sorry to tell you that it indeed can affect sexual life to some exten...[Read More]

The Common Complication for Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome refers to a group of clinical symptoms including proteinuria, swelling, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipaemia. If left untreated, all of them can aggravate illness condition, leading to ...[Read More]

Treat Difficulty Breathing of Stage 4 Nephrotic Syndrome

Four significant characteristics are well-known as typical clinical features of Stage 4 Nephrotic Syndrome among patients and experts. Nevertheless, it is intractable to Treat Difficulty breathing of i...[Read More]

Does Nephrotic Syndrome with 20% Functioning Cause Mental Confusion

It is well-known that CKD is able to cause severe physical damage of substantial or functional insufficiency or dysfunction while mental disorder is always ignored. Then how to treat Mental Confusion o...[Read More]

Nephrotic Syndrome with GFR 27: How to Remedy Muscle Weakness Naturally

Many patients may wonder whether Muscle Weakness is related to CKD. Then let’s investigate the relatedness and find out medicable methods to remedy such...[Read More]

Nephrotic Syndrome: How to Cope with Metabolic Disturbance with GFR 26

Nephrotic Syndrome is more than renal insufficiency or dysfunction, which may lead to systemic damage attributes to imbalanced water, electrolyte and acid-base of human body. Then how to cope with Meta...[Read More]

How to Treat Fatigue with Creatinine 5.6 of Nephrotic Syndrome

Fatigue is commonly seen physical complain of human body, which, however, may indicate severe renal damage. Then how to treat it timely and effectively with Creatinine 5.6 of Nephrotic Syndrome ? Nephr...[Read More]

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