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How Alcohol Affects Creatinine Level in Lupus Nephritis

Moderate consumption of alcohol is beneficial for body health, while for Lupus Nephritis patients with high creatinine level, they should limit or avoid alcohol if taking their health into consideratio...[Read More]

Healthy Recipes for Lupus Nephritis with Creatinine 3.9

Creatinine level 3.9 in Lupus Nephritis means that kidneys have been damaged severely. Along with the symptom, patients are more likely to suffer from nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, dizziness, fatigu...[Read More]

Is Eating a High Protein Diet Bad for Kidneys If You Have Lupus Nephritis

Lupus is always associated with Lupus Nephritis. Once the kidney damage occurs, and they will suffer from much pain. Then, they need to have effective treatments to remedy their kidney disease and keep...[Read More]

Food to Be Safely Eaten by Lupus Nephritis Patients

Lupus Nephritis is an autoimmune disorder which caused by SLE. In our daily life, balanced nutrition and recipes are beneficial for protecting patients kidney from the further damage. Well then, what f...[Read More]

Is It OK to Eat Seafood with Lupus Nephritis

As we all know, Lupus Nephritis patients have many dietary restrictions, so as to relieve related symptoms and reduce kidney damage. Many patients are intrigued about whether they can consume seafood. ...[Read More]

Is Sweet Tea Good or Bad for Lupus Nephritis

Sweet tea, is also known as Leaf of Strigose Hydrangea or Tian Cha which has high nutritional value. The tea enjoys a good reputation among people for its numerous health care functions. Well then, is ...[Read More]

What Diet Principles Should Be Obeyed By Lupus Patients

What can I eat? Which kind of food is beneficial for me? Both of thema are the commonly asked question by Lupus Nephritis patients. Here we will explain the issues about “what diet principle should b...[Read More]

Is Hawthorn Berry Good for Lupus Nephritis

Is hawthorn berry good for Lupus Nephritis patients? Many patients put forward to this question and they are looking for the answer. Here we will provide related info about hawthorn berry for this kidn...[Read More]

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