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Will You Die From Renal Failure

You must be very afraid when you are diagnosed with renal failure. You must be eager to know how long you can live with this disease. Well then, will you die from kidney failure? In some cases, renal f...[Read More]

Why Does Dialysis Patients Still Have Itchy Skin

I am looking for something for itchy skin. Do you have kidney disease? My husband does PD. How long has he been on dialysis? 3 months doing dialysis Does he have any discomforts now? Like high blood pr...[Read More]

Can Kidney Failure Cause Weight Gain

Obesity is one of leading causes of kidney disease, but having the disease itself can be a factor in weight gain. That is, kidney failure can cause weight gain. What is the cause and treatment for weig...[Read More]

Why Does Swelling Still Appear After Dialysis

Do you have this experience? You miss a treatment, get fluid overload and can barely move. It does not seem like dialysis is helping get rid of the fluid. Even after dialysis legs are still swollen. Wh...[Read More]

The Main Reason Of Itchy Skin Is Not High Phosphorus Level

About one third of kidney failure patients suffers from itchy skin. Actually itchy skin accounts for 60-90% in dialysis patients. The longer you take dialysis, the severe your condition will be. Itchy ...[Read More]

Is It Normal To Feel Tired After Dialysis The Next Day

Now that I am on kidney dialysis, why do I feel so bad and tired? Is it normal to feel tired after dialysis the next day?. Many patients consult us about this question. The following will give you the ...[Read More]

Dialysis Patients Complain About Delirium

Dialysis patients complain about delirium often. The delirium is seen during or after the first several dialysis treatments. Follow us to know the causes and treatment for delirium. 1. Causes of deliri...[Read More]

Advice on Treatment for Severe Muscle Cramps in Renal Failure

Renal Failure patients run high risk for various symptoms and discomforts, among which muscle cramps bother patients a lot. Well then, is there any advice for severe muscle cramps in Kidney Failure? Ho...[Read More]

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