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Is Fig Ok If You Are On Dialysis

The health benefits of figs are many. We all know kidney patients should have a strict diet. Then, is fig ok if you are on dialysis? Generally speaking, figs are good for kidney dialysis patients. Beca...[Read More]

Can End Stage Kidney Failure Patients Eat Guyabano Fruit

Guyabano is known to being rich in vitamin C and B vitamin thiamin, riboflavinm and niacin. With these nutrients, can End Stage Kidney Failure patients eat guyabano fruit? Guyabano has some benefits to...[Read More]

How Do Kidney Failure Patients Avoid High Uric Acid

When there is something wrong with your kidneys, your kidneys fail to discharge excess uric acid from your body. In this condition, uric acid level can be high. High uric acid level can lead to gout an...[Read More]

Can A Patient With Dialysis and Diabetes Have Honey

Dialysis is a procedure used to clean the blood of patients who have kidney failure. Patients undergoing dialysis sometimes develop infections at the site where a catheter enters the body. Well then, c...[Read More]

Why Do Dialysis Patients Need To Avoid Nuts

Why do dialysis patients need to avoid nuts? A healthy diet plays an important role in kidney disease. Nuts have many benefits but dialysis patients need to avoid nuts. Why? All nuts contain high potas...[Read More]

What Foods Are Good To Eat For Kidney Failure Patients

Kidneys are important body organs. Once there is something wrong with your kidneys, other body organ problems will appear in succession. Kidney failure is a common kidney problem. Once you suffer from ...[Read More]

Red Meat Can Increase The Risk Of Uremia

During April 1993 and December 1998, Jasminel Lew professor recruited 63257 Chinese to take part in a questionnaire survey. It recorded participants dietary habits. What did this professor want to do? ...[Read More]

What Vegetables Are Recommended For Kidney Failure Patients

It is also helpful to know what vegetables are good for kidneys. For kidney failure patients, the following are some best and most recommended vegetables. 1. Red bell peppers Normally potassium is prom...[Read More]

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