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How to treat renal cysts?

How to treat renal cysts?

We mainly use traditional Chinese medicine to clear the polycystic kidney disease, using the treatment of dispersing poison, detoxification, etc., to achieve the purpose of rapid effect with no damage to the kidney, and less recurrence. Its therapeutic features are to clean up toxins in the body and regulate abnormal cytokine expression.

The treatment steps are as follows:

First, the Qi is scattered, mainly using traditional Chinese medicine that promote Qi and activate blood circulation and stop bleeding to penetrate into kidney network and sputum in the stagnation of the collaterals, so that the cysts become soft, the oppression is relieved, and the disease is no longer progressing. That is to use the traditional Chinese medicine clearing therapy to promote the expression of anti-inflammatory cytokines, relieve the state of cellular inflammation, and control the disease.

Second, dampness detoxification, mainly the use of Yiqi Qingrexin, Chinese medicine for qi and dampness, deep into the kidney to remove the damp heat of the poison, so that the blood in the urine, increased foam in the urine and other symptoms can be alleviated. That is to use Chinese medicine clearing therapy to restore the balance of human anti-inflammatory cytokines and proinflammatory cytokines, change the cell microenvironment, regulate the expression of abnormal cytokines, and control the urinary protein to negative.

Third, to de-poisoning, mainly to remove the imbalance between yin and yang, or Wenyang to remove bias, or promote yin to deviate bias, aiming at restoring the body's self-cleaning ability, reducing recurrence. It is mainly to use traditional Chinese medicine to clear the poisoning therapy, relieve the human body's stress state, improve the body's immune function, restore the self-healing ability of human cells to clear and detoxify, stabilize the disease and prevent recurrence.

This therapy has the characteristics of not damaging the kidney, quick effect and less recurrence.

Through the above three processes, the polycystic kidney disease can be fundamentally treated, the toxins in the body can be cleaned, the kidney function restored, the proteinuria turned negative, the hypoproteinemia, the edema disappear, and the hyperlipidemia recover.

So how much can we treat?

We can make the urine occult blood, the urine protein turns negative. Relieves the compression of cysts on the kidney's natural cells.

If there is anything in the treatment that you don't understand, please contact us directly.

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