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Why kidney cyst is a lingering and severe disease?

Why renal cyst is a lingering and severe disease?

At present, Western medicine clinical treatment, no matter Chinese medicine and Western medicine, mostly work through hemostasis, lowering blood pressure, improving renal microcirculation and other treatments. there are some attempts to inhibit cell proliferation of cyst lining, but the effect is not certain, no abnormal expression of renal cysts and cytokines. The treatment is alleviates symptoms but hardly get PKD cured, resulting in long-term treatment of polycystic kidney disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine mainly adopts the method of resolving hard lump,but failing to penetrate into the renal network to clear the damp heat in the kidney. The collaterals are unclear, and the ability of the human body to cleanse itself can not be restored, and the condition will not heal for a long time

The root cause of polycystic kidney disease is: 1. The toxins in the body are not cleared, 2. The abnormal expression of renal cysts and cytokines is not corrected, 3. The collaterals are unclear. If effective treatment of detoxification is not performed, polycystic kidney disease cannot be fundamentally treated. The size and number of renal cysts increase slowly with the individual ages. Progressive cystic changes destroy the structure of the kidney and Causes the patient to enter chronic renal insufficiency, leading to the kidney forming scar tissue. This is an objective principle. It is impossible to cure the scar into a functional mesangial cell tissue by any treatment method. Only rely on dialysis to maintain life!

If the toxins in the body are not completely removed, and the hidden dangers of infection are not completely removed, they will be cured over and over again.Once again, it’s time to go to the dialysis state, and then regret it will not help! How should we treat polycystic kidney disease to avoid dialysis? The next issue we explain: How do we treat polycystic kidney disease?Thank you for watching, see you next time.

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