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Toxin-Removing Treatment Helps IgA Nephropathy Patients Better

Have you ever heard of Toxin-Removing Treatment? It is only available in our hospital-Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is unique therapy for IgA Nephropathy. During the...[Read More]

Is There Any Therapy To Improve Renal Function In IgA Nephropathy

Hi, I am Sarja. I am in England. My husband is suffering from IgA Nephropathy. Doctors say that his kidney function is degrading with after medication. And he needs kidney transplant in near future. Is...[Read More]

What Is The Treatment for IgA Nephropathy

What is the treatment for IgA Nephropathy? My 9-year-old child has this disease. Please help me. Ok please do not worry. Let me first know his condition. What treatment or medicine has he taken? No tre...[Read More]

IgA Nephropathy Patients Should Avoid Steroids In These Conditions

Steroid is always regarded as the first medicine for chronic kidney disease. Among kidney patients, roughly half of patients suffer from IgA Nephropathy. Generally, doctors all agree that if 24h urine ...[Read More]

How Do IgA Nephropathy Patients Avoid Kidney Failure

IgA Nephropathy mainly happens in young people and it is the common type of primary glomerulonephritis. The most obvious sign is hematuria but it is not determining factor of kidney failure. Urine prot...[Read More]

Blood 3+ In IgA Nephropathy Can Be Treated By Chinese Medicines

Blood in urine or hematuria is a common complication in IgA Nephropathy. The effective treatment is Chinese medicines in our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. We have unique Chinese medici...[Read More]

Blood In Urine Scares Most IgA Nephropathy Patients

When you see blood in urine, will you get feared? Yes, I will, so do IgA Nephropathy patients. Well then, what is the cause and treatment for blood in urine from IgA Nephropathy? 1. How does blood in u...[Read More]

Natural Treatment for Stage III IgA Nephropathy

My husband is having kidney tissues. He has high creatinine, blood and protein in urine. His doctor thinks he may have IgA Nephropathy stage 3. We are looking for natural treatments for this. ...[Read More]

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    On October 1st, we hold a big party in order to celebrate our National Day with our patients and their families who come from different countries. In Shijiazhuan...Read This Story

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