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What is IgA Nephropathy?

First of all, we should know about what IgA nephropathy is .

IgA nephropathy is the glomerular capillary mesangial cell disease, is caused by kidney mesangial cell damage with the human body toxins,the clinical manifestations of hematuria and proteinuria or hypertension is the renal inherent cells disease .

Asian people have a high incidence of IGA nephropathy, followed by white people and rare for African people. In addition, the familial aggregation tendency of IGA nephropathy indicates the influence of familial inheritance on IGA nephropathy. IgA nephropathy is the most common glomerular disease in the world.IGA nephropathy (IGA) is a progressive disease and about 20% patients will develop to end-stage of renal disease (ESRD) every 10 years after onset.

The main manifestations are hematuria, proteinuria, hypertension, edema and renal function decline.Among them, repeated onset of gross hematuria, large amount of proteinuria, premature increase of blood pressure and premature decrease of renal function are the main indicators of poor prognosis of IGA nephropathy.

How does the hematuria,proteinuria,hypertension and edema result?Because human body toxins can lead to the body's immune function disorder, a large number of glycosylation abnormal IgA1 forms polymer and immune complex , deposition in the glomerular mesangial area, lead to activation of mesangial cell proliferation . A large number of activated mesangial cells secrete various inflammatory factors by autocrine and paracrine, stimulating the proliferation of mesangial cells and the mesangial matrix.It also affects the endothelial cells and foot cells of the glomerulus through cytokines.Endothelial cells activate autocrine and paracrine cytokines, and destroy the intercellular connections between endothelial cells, leading to the leakage of red blood cells into the urine and the formation of hematuria.Foot cells activate autocrine and paracrine factors, damage sertoli cell related protein and cytoskeleton, leading to the damage of cell barrier, leakage of plasma protein into the urine, the formation of proteinuria.

Ok, dear friends, this is what we're talking about IGA nephropathy today.

After knowing about diagnosis, why can you get IGA nephropathy? We will provide a detailed explanation for everyone on tomorrow’s live broadcast, because only we must know the reason of the disease before carrying on the treatment, so why we get IGA nephropathy is the key to the treatment of IGA nephropathy.

Thanks for watching. See you next time.

IgA Nephropathy Basics

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