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How to Prevent the Relapse of Chronic Glomerulonephritis?

The initial treatment of kidney disease is of great importance to both physicians and patients, but in fact, no matter how good the initial treatment is, it will not solve all problems. We often suffer a lot of losses because we neglected the problem of preventing relapse.

Many patients are very good when they start treatment, and all indicators are improving. However, because the work to prevent relapse is not done well, such as catcha cold, fatigue, or the reduction of medicine dose which lead to the disease reccure.

How can we prevent the recurrence of the disease? Need to pay attention to three aspects:

1. we must pay attention to our body's immune function status. In some patients, due to long-term use of hormones or immunosuppressive amedicine, our body experiences a condition of low immunity. This situation will be more prone to various infections of the respiratory tract, digestive tract or urinary system, and infection makes the disease recur. the doctor will increase the amount of hormones or immunosuppressive agents after the recurrence, so that our body's immune system is further reduced. And it will be more prone to new infections ... and thus formed a Vicious circle!

2.It makes our kidney disease show that the dilemmaof repeated treatment ! In addition, many patients have suffered serious infections which are difficult to control and even threaten the life. Therefore, monitoring one's immune function and promptly making appropriate and correct treatment measures is one of the key factors to prevent the recurrence of kidney disease.

3.During the course of drug reduction, especially in the course of hormone reduction, we must test our adrenocortical function. When patients use hormones for a long time, our adrenal cortex function is inhibited, and the self-secretion function appears to be low. At this time, in the process of reducing hormones, our own hormones secreted by the adrenal cortex cannot react in time. There will be a situation where the hormone content is relatively insufficient in the body so that the inflammatory response state of the disease cannot be suppressed, and the disease recurs.

Therefore, the adrenal cortex function should be tested, and if necessary, the corresponding treatment should be performed. This is a necessary measure to treat patients with relapse type of hormone reduction.

1.Be sure to find a professional hospital or professional doctor for treatment to get accurate diagnosis andstandard treatment. In this way, we can avoid spending useless money. Even if you have money, you can not spend useless money. Once a professional hospital or doctor is found, it must be treated as soon as possible to strive for a better therapeutic effect. Once the treatment is effective, we must adhere to accept the treatment according to doctor's advice and review on time. This is the most effective measure to prevent recurrence. As long as there is no recurrence, it will be able to treat well. In addition, life precautions should also be kept in mind.

Today our topic will finish, thanks for your listening. Good bye

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