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Does Neem Leaf Juice Help in Curing Glomerulonephritis

Neem Leaf juice, extracted from the leaves of the neem plant, which plays a significant role in traditional India medicine, especially for in ayurvedic medicine. Since the herbs can be used for treatin...[Read More]

What Diet Can Be Taken by Membranous Nephropathy Patients

A proper diet plays a significant role in controlling progression of illness condition and recovering renal function. It is same to membranous nephropathy patients. They should also pay attention to th...[Read More]

Can Nephritis Patients Eat Black Fungus

Nephritis patients should be cautious when they choose to some food to eat. Because diet is just like a double-edged sword. Eating rightly will be helpful for illness condition, on the contrary, the ph...[Read More]

Can Glomerulonephritis Patients Do Exercise

As we all know, doing some exercise in our daily life is beneficial to strengthening our body, while, for Glomerulonephritis patients, can they do exercise in their spare time? For this question, the a...[Read More]

Can patients with Nephritis eat cheese

Cheese is a kind of fermentative milk product.Its nature is similar to the common yoghurt that be made through the fermentation and contains the lactic acid bacteria of health care.While the concentrat...[Read More]

Can Patients with Glomerulonephritis Drink Grape Juice

Grape is common fruit in daily life with adequate supply and lower price while Grape Juice is praised as botanic milk. However, is it a advisable choice for patients with Glomerulonephritis? Click live...[Read More]

Can Someone with Stage 3 Glomerulonephritis Get Pregnant

Stage 3 Glomerulonephritis is crucial period of commonly seen renal damage, which has plagued numerous patients. Then whether they are allowed to Get Pregnant ? The content below as well as live doctor...[Read More]

What Is Appropriate Diet for Glomerulonephritis

Glomerulonephritis is main CKD therein with numerous diseased causes, which leads to renal damage of varying degrees with refractory and protracted diseased course. Except from medication, what is appr...[Read More]

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