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Can Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis be cured ?

The answer is yes. Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis belongs to acute nephritic syndrome. It is a group of nephritis which have different pathogenesis but similar clinical symptoms which include proteinuria, hematuria rapid development and even develop into kidney failure within several month or weeks.

Although the prognosis of RPGN is not so good, there is still chance for patient to recover. The early they get treatment, the much possible kidney function improved. Timely renal biopsy can help patient get clear diagnosis and choose the best treatment plan and Maximize their renal function.

Why RPGN can not be cured?

There are 4 reasons:

1. Unclear diagnosis. Without renal biopsy, renal damage assessment and immune function assessment , patient can not get clear diagnosis.

2.Improper treatment. As we know , kidney disease is a kind of complex disease. That is to say, there is no any simple medicine can cure this disease. What the patient need is a comprehensive and systematic treatment.

3.For example the immunosuppressive therapy, complication treatment, kidney function protection treatment and Chinese detoxification treatment. All of this should be in the same treatment system. And patient need a kidney specialized hospital. In this way they can get the best treatment effect.

Can not avoid relapse. Most of the patients pay more attention to the initial hospitalization treatment. But they ignore the continuous treatment after discharge. Catch a cold, get tired and Hormone decrement all of these will cause disease relapse.

Didn’t follow matters need to be attention in daily life.

How to cure the disease?

If you can do all the things above very well, the disease can be cured.

How do we treat the disease?

Here we cooperate Chinese medicine with western medicine. Especially under the Chinese medicine detoxification therapy, we found a new effective method to treat the disease.

Here we mainly use Chinese medicine to do detoxification. There are three steps.

1. Dissolving toxins: dissolve toxins by tonifying Qi and clearing heat.Here Toxins dissolved are mainly heat toxins.

2. Dispelling toxins: dispel toxins by reinforcing kidney and activating blood. Here toxins dispelled are mainly stasis toxins and wind toxins

3. Discharging toxins: discharge toxins by promoting Qi circulation and removing obstruction in the collaterals. Here toxins discharged is mainly damp toxins

Glomerulonephritis Basics

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