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Eating Advice for Patients with FSGS

FSGS is focal segmental glomerular sclerosis which is a kind of primary glomerular disease, if left treated, it can progress into kidney failure gradually. So, in daily life, it is important for patien...[Read More]

Food Items Used by FSGS Patients

In order to protect kidney from the further damage, it is important to take effective treatments develop a scientific and balanced diet plan. Here we will talk about the food items used by FSGS patient...[Read More]

Can Drinking Alcohol Affect FSGS

Summer comes, alcohol can be a good way to make people cool. And some people think drinking alcohol is popular and healthy to their bodies. However, for a patient with FSGS, they should realize that th...[Read More]

Is Coffee OK for Anyone with FSGS

Coffee is a kind of very popular drink in the world, especially in western countries, because it can bring many benefits for our health. But for people with FSGS (focal segmental glomerulous sclerosis,...[Read More]

Can FSGS Patients Eat Black Fungus

Black fungus is popular food among people due to its delicious tastes and abundant nutritions. However, can FSGS patients eat black fungus? Please follow this passage and find the answer. The overview ...[Read More]

Which Foods Are not Good for FSGS Patients

FSGS is a disease which can cause patients kidney function to be damaged gradually, and many health problems will be caused in this process. It is important for patients to regulate their diet to impro...[Read More]

Is Green Apple Good for FSGS Patient

Green apple has delicious taste and lovely color, and it is a kind of fruit which is loved by people around the world. On the other hand, patients with FSGS have many restrictions in their diet, but ma...[Read More]

Important Points For Patients With Stage 3 FSGS In Their Diet

For patients with Focal Segmental Glomerulus Sclerosis (FSGS), their disease can cause damage in glomeruli, which is a major cause of nephrotic syndrome, and that is a severe condition of kidney damage...[Read More]

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