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CKD Diet﹠Fitness

To a certain degree, healthy diet can help patients slow down the progression of condition. Diet and fitness are common topics patients care about, and here we help you improve the quality of life.

Most people with CKD knows the fact that Diet﹠Fitness plays an important role in kidney heath management. However, CKD diet and fitness is definitely not an easy things to follow. The following guidelines will recommend some useful information. Enjoy your reading now!

CKD Diet

If you are a CKD patients, you are suggested to follow the guideclines below. You can click each guidecline and you will see the details about how to carry out these rule in your real life.

- limit water intake

- take a low protein diet

- restrict the intake of salt, potassium and phosphorus

- if you plan to lose weight, remember to get enough calory

How Long Need I Follow the Specific Diet?

It differs from individual condition. You will need to following the specific diet as long as your doctor and dietitian recommend. Also, the diet may change as your medical condition improves or worsens.

How Do I Know Whether Specific Diet Work or Not?

If you happen to be a person with the early stage of CKD, it is hard for you to find the changes from your specific diet. In the early stage, usually there is no physical symptoms, thereby, you may fail to feel the changes from diet management.

When you feel the same as you take specific diet before, please don't lose your patience. This does not mean the CKD diet is not working properly. You are suggested to find the final answer from your lab resutls. What are the suggeted tests? If you have interest, you can email your inquiry to for a tests list.

CKD Fitness

CKD patients can get many benefits from fitness. Here are the most frequently asked questions about CKD Fitness for your information.

What are the Recommended Fitness for Me?

It depends on your own condition. Based on your individual physical condition, your doctor will make a personalized fitness plan for you. Usually the mild exercise, such as aerobic exercise, is suggested for CKD patients. Some of our doctors are good at CKD fitness management. If you have interest, you can Appointment with Our Doctor. It is free to get suggestions from our expert via email or phone.

Am I a candidate for CKD Fitness?

Talk to your doctor about starting an exercise program or continuing a program you are already on when you find out you have early or late stage chronic kidney disease (CKD). An evaluation is the basis to know whether fitness is benefitial for you. Get an full evaluation from Our Expert Group online for free.

What Are the Benefits of CKD Fitness?

Compared with healthy people, CKD patients are more likely to develop heart problems. With regular fitness, you could help manage many of the health issues seen with kidney disease.

You can feel the changes from CKD fitness as follows:

- more stable joints

- heart and lungs are stronger and work better

- better blood sugars, blood pressure, and cholesterol level

- less risk of falling

- feel stronger

Signs You Should Stop

If you feel the following symptoms during your CKD fitness, it is necessary for you to stop immediately:

- blurring vision

- nausea

- chest pain or pressure

- excessive tiredness

- dizziness or feeling light-headed

- severe leg cramps

- irregular or fast heart rate

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