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Brief Introduction to Diabetic Nephropathy

1.Can the diabetic nephropathy be cured ?

The answer is yes. Diabetic nephropathy is caused by excretion of toxins from the body leading to elevated blood sugar and damaged renal intrinsic cells. It is a type of diabetic complication characterized by symptoms of urinary protein, edema, elevated blood pressure, and elevated serum creatinine. The sooner the disease is treated, the more likely it is that the disease will recover.

2. why do you have diabetic nephropathy?

Diabetes causes metabolic abnormalities in the human body. The accumulation of adipocytes and excessive apoptosis lead to the balance of the anti-inflammation and inflammation shift toward inflammation in human cells. The release of inflammatory factors such as tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-6 increases.The intrinsic cells of the kidney be damaged. The plasma protein leaks into the urine which forms urinary proteinuria, edema, hypertension, decreased renal function. Then it lead to diabetic nephropathy.

Chinese medicine believes that diabetic nephropathy is mainly qi and yin deficiency. Long illness lead to kidney disease. When the patient have Qi deficiency, the function of kidney to transform the water and control water will be reduced which lead to abnormal state, namely wet; When patient has Yin deficiency, it will be easy to become hot of blood and make quick blood circulation.When the patient have Qi deficiency, it will lead to poor blood circulation which will lead to blood stasis; Wet toxins and blood stasis combine together and develop to much worse condition. When wet toxins and stasis toxins combine together which will lead to Nephrotoxicity and damage the renal meridians. Finally it will lead to the liver and kidney damage which they cannot take and solid the nutrition substance. Subtle substances will be lost in the urine and there will be clinical symptoms of increased urine foam.

3.why cannot the disease be cured?

Careful analysis to the disease and there are three reasons as follows:

(1) The diagnosis is not clear: A comprehensive assessment of the degree of kidney damage is necessary such as sites, cell types, and types of active lesions and inactive lesions in the kidneys, and the judgement of glomerular function or tubular function.

(2) The treatment is not standardized: because of the current clinical treatment of Western medicine, it is mainly used to control the blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids and other symptomatic treatment to reduce the damage to the intrinsic cells of the kidney and stabilize the disease.The is no treatment for the abnormal expression of cytokines inside the body which only can control the symptoms but not treat the disease which lead to the diabetes can not be cured so long time. The Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly to tonifying qi and nourishing yin and promoting blood circulation.

(3) Failure to prevent recurrence : The initial treatment of the disease is of great importance to both physicians and patients. Many patients often neglect the prevention of relapse which make them suffered a lot of loss. But many patients have treatment very well at the begining. All the indicators are improving. However, due to the work of prevention of relapses is not done well, once there catch a cold, fatigue, or the course of hormone reduction, the disease will always relapse.

4, how to cure the disease?

As long as we can do these things well, we can turn urinary proteinuria negative and blood sugar stable.

5.How do we do in our hospital?

We mainly use TCM detoxification therapy to treat diabetic nephropathy, and use treatment of dispelling toxins, dissolving toxins and detoxification to achieve the goal of fase response, no harm to the kidney and no relapse. Its therapeutic features are removing toxins from the body and regulating abnormal cytokine expression.

Treatment process is as follows:

Firstly, tonifying Qi and dispelling toxins. It mainly using traditional Chinese medicine of tonifying Qi and promoting blood circulation to replenish the spleen and kidney. It opens the meridians and collaterals to adjust Qi and blood so that make the toxins be dispelled. Using TCM detoxification therapy to promote the expression of anti-inflammatory cytokines, relieve the inflammatory state of the cells, and control the disease from worsening.

Secondly, removing damp and disollving toxins. the traditional Chinese medicine of promoting the circulation of Qi to dissolving damp can be used to promote Qi to resolve hot damp,or promote Qi to disolve cold damp which can help Qi circulate well.Then the symptoms of urine protein and edema can disappear naturally. Depending on the detoxification of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM),the balance of the body anti-inflammatory cytokine and inflammatory cytokines can be restored, then to change the cell microenvironment, regulate the abnormal cytokines expression, make the urine protein to be negative.

Thirdly, tonifying Yin and discharging toxins, It mainly tonifying Yin to slant and keep the balance of the Yin and Yang so as to restore the ability of self detoxification of human body. We mainly depending on the detoxification therapy to alleviate the body’s stress state, improve human immunity, and restore the detoxification ability of human cells self-healing, stabilizing the conditions and preventing recurrence.

This characteristics of this therapy is no kidney damage, fast effect and less relapse.

Diabetic Nephropathy Basics

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