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How To Reduce High Creatinine Level 500 Without Dialysis

Are you afraid of dialysis? Yes, I think you are afraid when you hear dialysis. But do you have any other remedies to reduce elevated creatinine level 500 without dialysis? The following will give you ...[Read More]

High Creatinine Level Can Also Be Reduced To Normal Without Dialysis

Is dialysis your only option to reduce high creatinine level? Of course not. Most kidney patients are looking for alternative therapies to lower down high creatinine level. Follow us to see how our hos...[Read More]

High Creatinine Level 698 Is Reduced To 245 In Just 20 Days

I think most kidney patients worry about their high creatinine level and also try various ways to reduce it. But the result may be not satisfying. In our hospital, high creatinine level 698umol/L is re...[Read More]

What Should Be Done for High Creatinine Level 3.5

High creatinine level 3.5 requires timely treatment, otherwise, it can cause further kidney damage. Well then, what should be done for elevated creatinine level 3.5? Here we recommend Detoxification Th...[Read More]

Chinese Medicines Can Lower High Creatinine Level 661umol/L Without Dialysis

If your high creatinine level is 661umol/L, your doctor may suggest you to prepare dialysis because in your country dialysis is your only option. You have no choice except dialysis. Well, what to do fo...[Read More]

High Creatinine Level 328 Is Reduced To 190 In Three Weeks

How to bring high creatinine level 328umol/L to 190umol/L in three weeks? Most patients may take medicines for a long time but their creatinine level keeps increasing instead of decreasing. They can no...[Read More]

High Creatinine Level 500 Is Reduced Without Dialysis

When your creatinine level is high, the only method you can think is dialysis and your doctor also tells you that dialysis is your only way. You are desperate and scared. Well, do not need to worry. Ou...[Read More]

High Creatinine Level 1300L Is Lowered Effectively With Toxin-Removing Treatment

Is there any effective way to reduce high creatinine level effectively without dialysis? Here we recommend Toxin-Removing Treatment which is natural and effective. The following is a successful patient...[Read More]

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