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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Kidney Disease

What is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on Chinese herbal medicines, but used externally. Because it aims at repairing kidney damage and recovering kidney function, it begins to arouse more and more attention worldwide. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy brings new hopes for those kidney disease patients who try their best to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. Now follow us to learn more about it.

What functions can it play in treating chronic kidney disease?

1. The active materials of Chinese herbal medicines can expand blood vessels, keep the blood flow unobstructed, adjust blood pressure, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, ameliorate the ischemia and anoxic state in kidneys and create a good repair environment for kidneys.

2. The active substances contain various vitamins, such as Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, organic acid, various microelements, essential amino acids and other nutrient substances. These nutrient substances can not only supply the shortage in the body also promote the synthesis of protein, enzyme and saccharides, which can lay a rich material basis for the repair of kidneys.

3. Chinese herbal medicines promote the repair of functions of inherent cells gradually to enhance the ability of expelling of toxins. Moreover, they can improve the life span of new red blood cells and the generation of erythropoietin, which can relieve anemia for chronic kidney disease patients.

4. The active substances of Chinese herbal medicines can enhance the phagocytic function for patients with low immunity, improve the disease resistance, eliminate the immune complexes depositing on kidneys and clean the internal environment. Also the active substances can improve the lymphocyte transformation rate, enhance the activity of natural killer cells and improve the cellular immune function, which can help patients avoid the inflammatory damages.

5.With the help of osmosis device, the active materials effectively get to kidney area, which enhance the efficiency of Chinese herbal medicines. The medicines can activate and start the self-repairing system of kidney inherent cells, promote the regeneration and differentiation of inherent cells, rebuild the structure of the glomeruli, and recover the glomerular filtration function. That the renal tubular epithelial cells are repaired can recover kidney tubules’ functions of resorption and adjusting the acid-base balance of electrolyte and then improve the whole kidney’s function.

How is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy used?

Operating steps of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Step One: Soak the osmotic medicine with penetrant in a vessel (At the beginning, apply one bag of osmotic medicine with one bag of penetrant, then follow the doctor’ instructions for the dosage.)

Step Two: heat the soaked medicine bag with heating oven evenly until all the medicine is heated thoroughly (heat the medicine bag for 2-4 minutes with microwave oven while at home).

Step Three: electrotherapy

Detailed instructions are as follows:

● Put a sanitary cloth sized approximately 50*70cm on bed, in order to avoid contaminating the bed cloth when the medication overflows.

● Wrinkle the sanitary cloth at the middle as “n” shape, the height of which exceeds that of the medicine bags.

● The two electrode plates are put on the sanitary cloth with the plates’ upper edge 5 cm from the sanitary cloth edge and with the wire edges of the two electrode plates slightly far than the opposite ends of the two plates, actually showing “八” shape.

● Put the well-heated medicine bags on the two electrode plates respectively, isolating with sanitary cloth in the middle.

● Press the two medicine bags with your hands to make the surface flat.

● Patients lie down on the two bags, with renal area right on the two medicine bags, and lower edges of the two kidneys is 10cm up the two frontal carinas and center of the medicine bags is the two kidneys’ location.

● After lying down, first, connect the osmoscope to the power and choose electrotherapy mode. The specific way is to turn the amperage knob gradually from left to right until you feel comfortable when the body get used to certain amperage, and keep certain amperage, then increase to appropriate amperage according to one’s bearing capacity.

● Time control for electrotherapy. Each period for the osmoscope is expected to last 45 minutes and patients can take 1-2 periods each time according to his feelings (i.e. 45-90 minutes each time). They can take a rest during the process and listen to gentle music to relax themselves.

● When the process is finished, patients can get up after the power is cut off first, then wipe the medication fluid at the renal area gently with a warm wet cloth and get dressed to avoid catching a cold.

Short-term and long-term curative effect of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Short-term curative effect: Better sleep, fatigue symptoms disappear, blood pressure becomes stable gradually, the limbs begin warming, sweating, ammonia smell disappears in the mouth, increased appetite, increase of urine volume, floc-like things increased in the urine.

Long-term curative effect: Reduction in protein in urine, decrease in creatinine level, recovery of kidney function, quality of life is improved.

What are the disadvantages of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

1.Compared with the western medicines, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy takes longer to take effects, which is also an obvious feature of Chinese medicines. However, the medicines efficiency can last longer.

2.Though the Chinese herbal medicines applied in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can stimulate the self-replication of damaged renal inherent cells and repair the kidney damage gradually, it alone is not enough to manage chronic kidney disease well.

3.If patients are allergic to herbs, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is not available to them.

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