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Immunotherapy for Kidney Disease

ImmunotherapyWhat is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a systematic therapy, which combines Chinese medicines, western medicines and advanced blood purification technique together. The final purpose of Immunotherapy is to help adjust the abnormal immune system. If your chronic kidney disease is caused by IgA Nephropathy, Lupus Nephritis, Purpura Nephritis or other immune system disease, Immunotherapy can become the best choice.

Relation between immune system and kidney disease

95% of kidney diseases belong to autoimmune disease. Once both inherent immune system and backup immune system can now work normally, immune complex in body will not be able to be discharged out of body. What's more, immune complex deposit in body can reach to kidney with blood circulation and then deposit in kidney because the surface of immune complex is suitable to the renal binding epitopes, thus accumulating to kidney tissue and causing damage to kidney gradually. When the damage in kidney progresses into a certain degree, a series of symptoms occur.

What are the steps of Immunotherapy?

Scientific tests

The antibodies level and amount and the position of different kinds of toxins are different with different patients. Besides, we should know clearly the damage to tubules and glomeruli. So some tests have to be done for guiding the treatment. Tests of beta 2 microglobin, homocysteine, lymphocyte subsets, Cystatin C and retinol binding protein are also necessary.

Blocking immune reaction

According to the scientific diagnosis, the medicines, dose and duration should be very exact according to patients’ immune condition. In addition to immunosuppressive agents, Tc-MDP and Matrine will also be used in China.

Immune tolerance

We have to assess the condition before the inflammation in the kidneys becomes serious again as the disease often relapses. Small dose of immunosuppressive agents will be given regularly, which can prevent the relapse of the disease. This is to let our body accept the fact that there are immune complexes in the kidneys and the antibodies will stop attacking kidneys temporarily.

Immune regulation

Those immune complexes should not be in our kidneys forever. Chinese herbal medicines can eliminate immune complexes through degradation and blood circulation. Patients are expected to see cotton-like materials discharged out in urine after 7 days of the treatment. Meanwhile, oral taking medicines will be used to strengthen the immunity and nourish blood and Qi.

Immune protection

Glucocorticoid and oral taking Chinese medicines will play key role in repairing the damaged inherent cells and recovering kidney function. Active material in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can regulate the immune system and recover the self renewal of the body.

Immune clearance

As a matter of fact, this step runs through the above five steps. According to the types and amount of toxins in the blood, proper blood purification technique will be chosen to help clean the blood, which helps create a clean inner environment and win time in repairing the damaged kidneys.

Though Immunotherapy treats chronic kidney disease from the root, it will not play that obvious treatment effect if patients have had no urine output for a long period of time. If you have any follow-up questions about Immunotherapy, or you want to tell us more about your condition, you are welcomed to leave us a message below or you can send us an email to

What are the features of Immunotherapy?

-Halt or suppress the processes of kidney disease progression.

-Relieve the symptoms of chronic kidney disease and treat the disease from root cause.

-Promote the body's natural ability to repair or replace cells that have been damaged by hypersensitivity.

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