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Fatigue and Chronic Kidney Disease

Fatigue and Chronic Kidney DiseasePersistent fatigue can be a prevalent symptoms in Chronic Kidney Disease. Many patients may leave this symptoms untreated due to its symptomatic.

What is Fatigue?

Fatigue, also known as tiredness, lethargy, exhaustion etc, refers to a physical and/ or mental state of being tired and weak. Fatigue is a symptoms in which patients may describes as headache, dizziness etc.

Fatigue is a non-specific symptoms which is especially common in patients with CKD stage 3~4 who have not begun Dialysis yet. Fatigue can come on slowly and you might not know it is a symptom worth telling your doctor about.

What Causes Fatigue?

The major cause of fatigue in patients with CKD is Anemia. Anemia is also a symptom of CKD which refers to a shortage of oxygen--carrying red blood cells. Anemia may occur at the early CKD stages and it develops into worse condition when kidney damages progress into advantage stages. The other symptoms of anemia may include headaches, pale skin, difficulty breathing, feeling cold, dizziness etc.

CKD patients are suggested to focus more on their fatigue and anemia treatment, because anemia may caus heart problem which is known as left ventricular hypertrophy.

Is There Any Treatment for Fatigue in CKD?

With early treatment of fatigue, you can keep doing the things you did before you had kidney disease--work, volunteer, exercise. If you happen to be CKD patient with fatigue, you are suggested to take one or more of the following managements.

Chinese Herbal Medicine. Certain herbs help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions. A specific herbal formula may also help the kidneys to improve the function to produce more red blood cells, which will help reverse the anemia. Chinese Herbal Medicine is not a “one-for-all-size” therapy, which requires an evaluation on your own conditions. Make an appointment to Get Personalized Herbs List from TCM Professor

EPO supplements. To treat the anemia, your doctor may prescribe EPO to help your body make red blood cells to alleviate the fatigue. This supplements will help you improve energy and a better appetite.

Iron Supplements. You may also be prescribed iron supplements if your iron levels are too low.

Diet﹠Fitness. To alleviate the fatigue in CKD, healthy Diet﹠Fitness also helps a lot. Taking regular mild exercise is a key to improve your life quality. For example, walking is an easy way to stay active. A specific diet is also necessary. Patients may be suggested to take foods high in iron, vitamin B and folic etc. If you have interest, you can email to to get the suggested foods list. It is better for us to find a personalized food list, if you can send your basic info and medical condition.

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