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Bone Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease

Bone Disease and Chronic Kidney DiseaseIt is common for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to develop bone problems. The bone problem caused by CKD is known as “Renal Bone Disease”, which will make your bone easy to hurt. Knowing the ways of renal bone disease management can help minimize its effects.

What is Renal Bone Disease?

CKD patients sometimes find their bones get weaker and thinner as a result of mineral loss. The most common type of bone disease in CKD may occur when the levels of phosphorus, calcium and Parathyroid hormone, (PTH) in your body are not properly balanced. This can happen for a number of reasons such as a change in the way the body processes Vitamin D and removes phosphorus.

How are Bone Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease Connected?

Bone disease and Chronic Kidney Disease are connected mainly through the following 4 ways:

- High Phosphorus Levels: phosphorus mainly comes from the food you take and when there is excessive phosphate in your blood, your kidneys will remove them. However, when kidney function decline, the phosphate will build up in the blood, which causes bone disease in CKD patients.

- Overactive Parathyroid Glands: when the phosphate level elevates, the calcium level will tend to drop. The parathyroid glands work to regulate the balance of phosphate level and calcium level. As a result of constant high phosphorus level and low calcium level, the parathyroid glands will become overactive, which will cause the glands to release extra hormone to affect bone. If this cannot be controlled, your bone will become weak over time.

- Inactive Vitamin D: vitamin D is a mineral that is important to healthy bones because it affect your calcium balance. Vitamin D is used when kidneys changes its form into “active”. However, when kidneys cannot work well, the vitamin D cannot be changed into “active” form and your bone health will be affected.

- Aluminum in your bones: aluminum is always used as “phosphate binder” to lower the high phosphorus levels in blood. However, long-term use of aluminum will cause bone disease.

How to Treat Bone Disease Caused by Chronic Kidney Disease?

To find the treatment for bone disease, you need to find the underlying cause firstly. If you happen to be a person with bone disease, you may be suggested to take one or more of the following managements.

Lower Phosphorus Level

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: this therapy is a natural therapy which helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions. Because the underlying cause of high phophorus levels is kidney damage, this therapy will help prevent or treat bone disease from the root.

- Low Phosphorus Diet: as phosphate comes from the food you take, you are suggested to take a low phosphrorus diet. Your dietitian can help make a personalized diet plan for you. And you also can get free help from our online renal dietitian, who can offer you the suggested low phosphorus foods list and recipe.

- Phosphate Binders. Phosphate binders help bind the phosphate in our food and prevent your body to absorb phosphate. Experts found that certain herbs can be used as “natural phosphate binders”. If you have interest, you can Get Personalized Herbs List from Our TCM Professor

Manage the “Overactive Parathyroid Glands”

- Dialysis. if your bone disease is caused by “Overactive Parathyroid Glands”, dialysis will be suggested for the severe cases, so as to lower the PTH levels.

- Surgery. In some cases, the doctor may recommend surgery to remove the affected glands.

Take the Active Vitamin D

- Active Form of Vitamin D. When kidneys cannot work well, they will fail to change the vitamin D into active form to keep the bone healthy. Good news is that you can find certain medications which can supply “active” form of Vitamin D. If you need this kind of vitamin D, you can consult our free online serivce for detailed information.

- Herbal Tea. According to the TCM Experts, certain herbal tea also can supply “active” form of Vitamin D naturally. If you have a interest, you can email to for the herbal tea list.

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