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Poor Appetite and Chronic Kidney Disease

Poor Appetite and Chronic Kidney DiseasePoor appetite is a common side effect of Chronic Kidney Disease and its treatment. Poor appetite will cause the decreased desire to eat, which will lead to continuous fatigue and weakness. Treatment on kidney damage and proper diet can help you keep up your strength and energy.

What Is Poor Appetite?

Poor appetite, also known as anorexia, can be caused by a variety of conditions and diseases. Some of the conditions can be serious, such as from the effects of underlying kidney damage. Poor appetite may cause malnutriton which will increase the risk of CKD progression.

How Are Poor Appetite and CKD connected?

More than half of CKD patients have the experience of poor appetite. What causes this symptoms? There are mainly 4 factors which contribute to loss of appetite.

Waste Products Deposition in Blood. Kidneys are important organs to filter the blood throughout the body and remove the waste products and excessive water from the blood.

For people with Chronic Kidney Disease, the damaged kidneys fail to keep your blood clean and result in the waste products building up in the blood. As a result, your blood stays in a high toxin environment and when your digestive organs are involved, you will feel loss of appetite.

Swellings in Stomache. As mentioned above, kidneys not only remove the waste products, they also play an important role to filter out the extra water in your body. When kidneys are damaged, the water retention will cause swellings in your legs, face, eyes etc. All these swelllings you can see by your naked eyes. Some internal organs also can be swollen, which you cannot see. However, you can feel some symptoms, such as poor appetite or vomiting etc of the underlying swollen stomache or intestines.

Certain Drugs. When you are diagnosed with CKD, you may be prescript various drugs for your symptoms, kidney damages and complications etc. Certain common drugs for CKD shows side effects which include poor appetite. For the “certain drugs” list, you can get a reply from within 48 hours. It is better for us to find personalized avoided drugs list for you, if you can send your basic info and medical conditions.

Dialysis Side Effects. Besides drugs, Dialysis also takes adverse effects in CKD patients. Persistent use of dialysis may cause loss of appetite.

Is There Any Treatment for Poor Appetite in CKD?

Treatments for poor appetite differ from the underlying cause of this symptom. You are suggested to find the cause of your poor appetite with the help your doctor, before you take any treatment. We offer a free service to make a rough full evaluation of your medical condition. How to get the chance? Please Appoitment with Our Expert Group

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application which is based on the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It uses different herbal formula based on individual conditions to repair the damaged kidney tissues, alleviate symptoms and imporve kidney functions. Get Personalized Herbs List from TCM Professor

Blood Purification. Blood purification is suggested to remove the different sized toxins in blood, which helps keep the blood clean and prevent the digestive organs poisoned. Different with Dialysis which only removes small sized toxins in blood, blood purification can help deal with small, middle and large sized waste products.

Water Pills. Water pills, also known as diuretic, are prescript to alleviate the swellings in CKD patients. You are suggested to take water pills with the permision of your doctor. Also, some herbal tea works as “natural diuretic”. If you have interest, you can email to for a reply.

Healthy Living. You are suggested to take a specific diet which can help protect your kidneys and also improve your appetite. You can get the suggested food list for CKD patients from our free online service

Some life habits may also help alleviate loss of appetite. If you can’t face big meals, eat little amounts as often as possible. Try to have a small portion of food every two hours during the day. Eat your meals slowly, chew the food well and relax for a little while after each meal. Try to eat your meals in a room where you feel relaxed and where there aren’t any distractions.

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