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Anemia and Chronic Kidney Disease

Anemia and Chronic Kidney DiseaseAs kidneys participate in regulating the erythropoietin level or iron in the body, anemia is a common symptoms in patients with CKD.

What Is Anemia?

Anemia means a medical condition in which your red blood cells are less than normal range. Red blood cells work to transmit the oxygen to your different organs, which is necessary to keep your body organs run normally.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Anemia?

If you happen to be a person with anemia, you may suffer:

- pale look

- rapid heartbeat

- difficulty breathing

- dizziness, headaches

- fatigue

- poor appetite

- Insomnia

- depression

As the signs and symptoms of anemia may be “symptomless”, you are suggested to have a deep consultation with your doctor or you can get a complete personal evaluation from our Expert Group--Appointment with Expert Group.

How Are Anemia and Chronic Kidney Disease Related?

People with CKD are more likely to develop anemia, because kidneys can produce a hormone named “erythropoietin” (EPO is its short name). EPO works to help your body to produce red blood cells. For people with CKD, the damaged kidneys fail to make enough EPO, which causes decreased number of red blood cells. This is how Renal Anemia happens.

Who is At High Risk to Develop Renal Anemia?

Many people with CKD develop renal anemia. However, if you happen to be a person with one or more of the following conditions, you may be at a high risk to develop renal anemia:

- Diabetic

- Have advanced Kidney Disease Stages--Stage 4 and 5 (are you at advanced stages? See “CKD Stages”!)

- Are Female

- Are African American

How to Test You Have Anemia?

Not everyone with CKD will develop into Anemia. If you want to know whether you are affected by anemia, you are suggested to test your hemoglobin level. The normal range of hemoglobin is 12.0 for female and 13.5 for male. If your hemoglobin level is higher than normal range, you may be diagnosed with anemia. To make a final diagnosis, your doctor may suggest other tests. If you have interest, you can email to to get the test list for renal anemia for free.

How to Treat Anemia in CKD Patients?

Treatments for renal anemia is suggested to treat both anemia and kidney damages. You are suggested to get a personal treatment plan based on your own condition. Our Experts Group helps offer personal second opinions. If you have interest, you can Appointment with Expert Group to get an full evaluation of your condition.

Chinese Herbal Medicine. Chinese herbal medicine has been used in clinic since very ancient time. Different herbs have different functions to keep our body healthy. It was reported that certain herbs help repair the damgaed kidney tissues and improve kidney functions. Also, some specific herbs can help alleviate the anemia naturally.

However, Chinese Herbal Medicine is not a “one-for-all-size” treatment, which requires your personal condition as a basis. Get Personal Herbs List from TCM Experts

Drugs. Some drugs and supplements also are helpful to alleviate the anemia caused by chronic kidney disease. Erythropoiesisstimulating agents (ESAs) help your body make red blood cells, but it is used by injection under your skin. Extra iron is added when you are taking ESAs, which helps ESAs work well. Extra iron can be used as pills or via vein infusion.

Diet. Diet changes also helps patient who have renal anemia. They are suggested to take foods high in iron, folic and vitamin b. Check with our online doctor consultation or email to for suggested food lists.

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