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Is Hibiscus Tea Good For CKD Stage 3

Is Hibiscus Tea Good For CKD Stage 3Generally speaking, CKD stage 3 patients are always cautious in their daily diet including food and beverages. Then, is hibiscus tea good for them?

Hibiscus tea is made from hibiscus sabdariffa which is a topical flowering plant. Its flowers are used for medicinal purpose. For CKD stage 3 patients, they can get the following benefits through consuming this kind of tea.

Promote immune system

It is similar to many other fruits and plants, hibiscus tea contains a large amount of vitamin C, which medical experts have proven that it contributes to strengthening immune system. In addition, drinking this type of tea may keep a person from getting sick as often. It also might be help with disease such as arthritis and swelling, redness and irritation and so on.

Lower high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common symptom in stage 3 chronic kidney disease and it can be life-threatening if not controlled. Drinking several cups of hibiscus tea may help lower hypertension according to several studies.

Natural diuretic

As we all know, water is a necessary part in order to live. However, for people with stage 3 kidney disease, their kidney can not regulate water well, and extra fluid is easy to build up in the body and cause edema, which can be painful and cause a temporary and slightly weight again. Hibiscus tea is often taken as a natural diuretic which can help discharge extra water from the body and increase urination so as to remove wastes and toxins through urine.

Lower high cholesterol

One traditional use of this tea is for reducing blood viscosity so as to achieve the goal of lowering high cholesterol.

Digestion and bowel function

The ingredients in this tea have antibacterial properties and sever as a very gentle laxative, which temporarily can relieve constipation and related problems such as gas and bloating. Besides, the polyphenols in the drinks are thought to stimulate the digestion system and enhance appetite.

Although it has so many benefits, you still pay enough attention to this drink. If you are taking medications like hypertensive drugs, you’d better keep it away from you table. Moreover, the pregnant women are required to avoid this drinks. If you still want more details about friendly-kidney diet, please talk with our Online Doctors directly or leave a message below and we will give you an personalized plan after seeing it.

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