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The Pros and Cons of Fruits To Kidney Patients

The Pros and Cons of Fruits To Kidney PatientsThere is no definite answer that which fruit is good for kidney patients. Patients with same symptoms may eat different fruits.

1. Kidney patients combined with hypertension and arteriosclerosis can eat hawthorn, jujujube, orange and other fruits rich in vitamin C, which can reduce blood pressure and relieve vascular sclerosis.

2. Kidney patients with heart failure and severe swelling are not suggested to eat watery watermelon, pear and pineapple, etc. Because lots of water in your body can worsen heart failure and swelling.

3. Patients with kidney dysfunction and swelling need to limit salt intake so they are not suggested to eat bananas. Because bananas contain much salt, which can worsen swelling and increases the burden on the heart and kidneys.

4. Apple is rich in vitamin C. Some of the vitamin C can be metabolized to oxalic acid, which can aggravate the condition of a patient with urinary calculus. Therefore, apples should not be eaten too much.

5. Sugar and enzymes in pineapple have a diuretic effect. It is good for nephritis and high blood pressure patients, but rich bromelain in the skin, can dissolve fibrin and casein, so kidney disease patients should not eat too much pineapple.

Most kidney diseases are from your eating. The kidney is an important organ of the human body and responsible for excreting waste and toxins. If you eat too much or do not pay attention to your diet, it will increase the burden on your kidneys. Long-term uninterrupted and high-load operation will easily lead to kidney disease. Kidney patients should pay attention to their diet and some foods should not be eaten too much.

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