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Is Green Bean Good For Kidney Patients

Is Green Bean Good For Kidney PatientsIs green bean good for kidney patients? Green bean contains fibers, vitamins, minerals and very less carbohydrates. It is also a rich source of omega-3 fat too. Kidney patients can get some health benefits if they take green bean in moderation.

Green beans have the following benefits for kidney patients:

1. Prevent infection

Infection can cause further kidney damage and cause your disease relapse. Green beans contain a number of vitamins like Niacin and Thiamine that can help prevent many infections so as to reduce the relapse of kidney disease.

2. Control blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

High blood pressure can cause cardiovascular disease. In this condition, your life can be threatened. The potassium content in green beans can help control blood pressure and other heart related diseases. However, if your potassium in blood is high, it is not good for you to tale too many green beans.

3. Improve your bone health

With kidney disease, you may suffer from bone problem due to imbalanced calcium and phosphorus. Green beans contain a number of calcium that are integral in preventing bone deterioration and osteoporosis. This can relieve your bone problem to some extent.

4. Control diabetes

Diabetes is a leading cause of kidney disease. If you suffer it, you should treat diabetes in early stage. These power-packed legumes have been shown to help manage and regulate diabetes symptoms in many patients. This can reduce the risk of kidney damage.

5. Relieve constipation

Green beans are packed with fiber, which is highly beneficial compound in our body. This can relieve constipation effectively by keeping enough fiber in our diets.

Generally speaking, green beans are good for kidney patients. Do not consume them too much if your potassium in blood is high. Contact us via for details.

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