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CKD Basics

How about the prognosis and life expectancy of each stage? And whether your condition still can be reversed? You can surely find the answer here.

Chronic Kidney Disease refers to a condition in which your kidneys cannot work as well as they should. According to the GFR and kidney damage condition, CKD is divided into 5 stages. Knowing the knowledge of Chronic Kidney Disease can help you find the proper management of damage kidneys.

If you want to know the basic info about Chronic Kidney Disease, please read on.

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What Is Chronic Kidney Disease?

Chronic Kidney Disease means that lasting damage to kidneys is over than 3 3 months in which the damage can get worse over time. If the damage cannot be control, your kidneys may stop working eventually, which is known as Kidney Failure or End Stage Kidney Disease, when your doctor may recommend you with Dialysis or Kidney Transplant.

What Causes Chronic Kidney Disease?

Many diseases and medical conditions can lead to Chronic Kidney Disease and the two leading causes are Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, which are responsible for up to 2/3 of the cases. Besides the two causes, other conditions may also contribute to CKD.

Diabetes: it happens when your blood sugar is too high, causing damage to many organs in your body, including the kidneys and heart, as well as blood vessels, nerves and eyes.

High Blood Pressure: it occurs when the pressure of your blood against the walls of your blood vessels increases. If uncontrolled, or poorly controlled, high blood pressure can be a leading cause of heart attacks, strokes and chronic kidney disease.

Glomerulonephritis: it refers to the diseases which canuse inflammation and damages to the kidneys.

Immune Disorders: it means the diseases which can affect the immune system. The common autoimmune kidney damage are lupus nephritis and purpura nephritis.

Genetic Disease: the common genetic kidney disease is Polycystic Kidney Disease.

Malformations of Kidneys: it occurs as a baby develops in its mother's womb, such as MSK, horseshoe kidney, duplex kidneys etc.

Repeated urinary infections.

Ageing kidneys

Is There Any Suggested Tests for Chronic Kidney Disease?

To make a diagnosis of CKD, your doctor may suggest you to take some of the following tests:

Urine Test and Blood Test, which can help find whether your kidneys work well.

Creatinine and BUN Test, which are waste products that can indicate your kidney damage.

Hemoglobin Test, which help see if your erythropoietin levels are normal or not.

MRI or Ultrasound, which help see if your kidneys have shrunk in size.

The mentioned tests are just common examination for CKD. If you want to get the personalized test list, you can email to for a reply within 48 hours.

Who is At Risk?

If you are in one of the conditions, you are at risk to develop CKD:

- Diabetes

- Hypertension

- Family History of Kidney Disease

- Heart Disease

- Native American or Asia, African American, Hispanic

- Over 60 years old. (are you are risk to develop CKD? You can get a free analysis from our Experts Group. Make an Appointment with Experts Group Now!)

What is the Prognosis of Chronic Kidney Disease?

CKD stage 1~3 is more likely affected people who are at an older age, which tends to worsen over monthes or years. However, the progression will differ from person to person. And certain factors can make your kidney damage develop quicker, such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Frequent Infections etc.

If your early stage of CKD cannot be controlled well, it will develop into CKD stage 5 or End Stage Kidney Disease eventually, when Kidney Transplant or Endless dialysis may be suggested.

The leading factors which affect the prognosis of CKD are treatments and complications. Experts say, in many case, the heart damage caused by CKD kill people earlier than Kidney Damage. (how to improve CKD prognosis? Get a personalized answer from free Dr.'s Help!)

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